Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from customers and their families

I have been a customer for over 6 years. I have had the same caregivers for most of that time. All of my caregivers are qualified, caring and most of all, genuinely concerned about my well being. Having care for even short hours per day has allowed me to stay independent in my own home. It was nice to be able to call my caregivers directly anytime my schedule changed for any reason. The staff is always available to help me with any problems or additional care needs that have come up.
Central Point, Oregon

Three years ago I faced the fact that my disabilities had progressed to the point that I could no longer manage my life without assistance. I tried a couple of caregiver agencies that were discouraging. Fortunately I had a friend that is a social worker. I explained my situation and was not sure where to turn to next. She mentioned that I might try Oregon Caregivers and give the manager a call. I did. She also told me they had one of the better reputations in the area. When I told them my needs they explained the services they provide and were very sensitive to what was important to me, namely improving the quality of my life.

The fears of growing old, living alone and now having to depend on others can be overwhelming. Many many people, not only seniors but those with issues that now require assistance can know that. Oregon Caregivers is truly authentic and will be there to do everything in their power to help you move forward and let you know you are no longer alone.

My family is gone, my friends that I could depend on have moved away from this area. All the responsibilities of life have been mine and mine alone. Just knowing I now have someone on my side, are there to do everything in their power to help me is truly a blessing, a gift.

It’s a scary world, but what they offer physically & emotionally has helped ease my burdens and lessen my fears.
Thank you.
Medford, OR

Barbara and I want to thank you and your team for the quality care you gave our
mother until her passing. The reason we chose your company over your competitors is
that you listened to our needs and desires, and delivered quality caregivers in support
of our mother and our family. They were caring and loving and we felt our mother was
their priority and she was always safe, which was very important to us. Thanks again on
behalf of our mother, Leola.
Medford, Oregon

Here I am, Mae L, who could go to the banks, rotary, shopping and to my exercise class by myself every week. But due to an accident, I broke my hip twice and now I can no longer do these things. So I called Oregon Caregivers and got me a wonderful caregiver (Frances) who does everything for me. You see, my two sons own a local business and I do all the banking for them. And I belong to rotary, I go shopping and to exercise class every week. Frances takes me to all those places. So really I have to say they are a 100% in my eyes.
Medford, Oregon

I have been a happy recipient of the registry’s service for years now, their caregivers
have always been experienced and able to meet my changing needs immediately. And being able to socialize with them has been an extra plus, I recommend the registry to anyone with special needs.
Medford, Oregon 

 The care coordinator and caregivers were very helpful when my dad and family
needed them.
They were kind and very professional. When my dad went on hospice
at home on short notice, Oregon Caregivers managed to arrange for 24 hour
care with the appropriate staff right away.
We would call Oregon Caregivers
again should we need their services in the future.

Dianna M.

Joy L.

Phoenix, Oregon