Caregiver Testimonials

Caregiver Testimonials

Working with Oregon Caregivers has given me a stable job that I enjoy. Being one-on-one with clients in their homes is beneficial to them in terms of care and comfort. It has given me the ability to place all my focus on the individual without the worry of another client not getting the assistance they need. I enjoy getting to know my clients and assisting them to live out their days as they would like to. My co-workers and the family members of our clients have the same goal, which is the best care for our clients. This team collaboration and effort makes working with Oregon Caregivers beneficial for all parties involved. I have experienced an exchange of respect, gratitude and etiquette, that I find is key in a healthy working environment. If you are looking for a rewarding job and you like to help people one on one, or you have a family member that needs some good one-on-one assistance, I recommend Oregon Caregivers.


There are many advantages for caregivers registering with Oregon Caregiver Registry. A few of those include a place to actually find clients to work for, the ability to negotiate wages and vacation time, access to low or no-cost training, support with conflict resolution, and the freedom to work directly with the client/family on the best course of care for the client. Since the registry has access to many clients, they can insure a good client/caregiver fit. Once a client/caregiver relationship has been established, the client/family has the freedom to adjust my wages according to the demands of the job. Oregon Caregivers is there to lend its support to find peaceful, satisfying solutions for all. Best of all, I am free to work directly and creatively with the client/family to ensure the best possible care for the client. So if you are a caregiver who wants the autonomy of working privately, along with the protection and support of an outside entity, I would encourage you to consider signing up with Oregon Caregiver Registry.

Jeannie S

I find being on the registry very rewarding. I am able to choose my hours working with wonderful clients. I am encouraged to bring insight and loving care to the home of my clients. I find the staff to be encouraging, knowledgeable and insightful. In short, I am very happy with Oregon Caregivers.